36 hours with Tristan Parsons

Origin Baits new team member Tristan Parsons gives his first impressions of using the bait.

Since joining the team I’ve decided to opt for the Antarctic Red and Jaffa for the season. Mainly due to their instant attraction and appeal which suits my fishing. I’ve combined that with using the yellow Scopex and Pineapple and White Choc Malt and Jaffa popups. In my experience these colours work particularly well in spring and will match the baits well.

My first impression of the baits has been great. The attention that’s gone into the ingredients, composition and production of the baits is outstanding. You can instantly see, feel and smell the quality. They’ve already become a big part of my fishing and will continue to do so.

On a recent 36-hour trip to a day ticket venue my confidence was high given the conditions and the bait. On first inspection, the lake was weedy so I chose to fish a Chod rig on one rod and a Ronnie rig on the other. I was fishing at around 100 yards over a bed of silk weed. I decided to spod whole and chops over the spots to try and pull the fish in and keep them interested.

I was not disappointed. I ended up with a total of 15 fish with a couple lost due to the weed. It was hard at times to keep the rods in the water. It turned into a busy but thoroughly enjoyable session and not one I’ll forget in a hurry.

I can’t wait to get back out and get the baits back on the dance floor where the carp just can’t resist them!

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