Maple & Black Pepper popups


Super buoyant, long lasting and highly attractive brown 14mm popups flavoured with Maple & Black Pepper.

Size: 14mm
Colour: Brown

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Our range of popups have been carefully developed and rigorously tested to create an outstanding product. If you are looking for a hookbait that combines buoyancy, durability combined with a unique blend of flavours and appetite stimulants to create an effective feeding response, these are the popups for you!

These popups are:

  • Super buoyant for all rig presentations
  • Durable and long lasting for 24hr+
  • Hi-viz colour for visual attractive as a single hookbait or over loose feed.
  • Specially formulated for maximum attraction and flavour leakage

Supplied in 250ml pots holding approx 30 popups

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