Antarctic Red boilies


Our spicy red fish mix packed with fishmeals, krill and Robin Red, with a devastating flavour combination of plum and monster crab

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  • 16mm/18mm
  • Freezer / Shelf-life

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About the bait

The Antarctic Red is our spicy red fish mix. It’s been developed over the past 10 years and will provide consistent results on the toughest of waters both in the UK and abroad. The nutritious profile and high attraction ensures the bait will deliver instant results but is also extremely effective as part of a longer term baiting strategy.

A deadly combination of high quality fishmeals, antarctic krill, our special spice blend and a high inclusion of Robin Red give this bait a rich fishy aroma with a seriously spicy kick. The bait is designed to be extremely soluble ensuring the water is slowly filled with a consistent flow of natural food signals to attract the carp.

The bait derives it’s well rounded fruity flavour from the inclusion of a subtle plum flavour which is complimented by the highly successful Monster Crab liquid additive.

An exceptional all year round bait that will give you the edge on any water.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using hard hookers or wafters if fishing at long range or where there are lots of siler fish present.

Some of the fish caught using the Antarctic Red

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Freezer, Shelf-life


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